• Sep 15, 2015
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Destination Inspired: Safari Décor

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As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, we can't help but to let our minds wander to warmer weather.  Today, we're taking you and your daydream to an African safari.  Imagine the sunshine, the exotic trees, and the beautiful animals.  Now imagine those things in your home - well, except for the animals.  Believe it or not, safari and jungle-themed décor are very popular and make for a beautiful design in the home.  So, if your mind keeps taking you to an African safari, it may be your sign to bring it home.  Here are beautiful photos and elements to provide you with inspiration for your safari-inspired getaway.

Balanced Furniture

safari-living-roomWhile you may want some of your furniture to stand out, you don't want it to clash.  Balance the furniture in your safari-inspired room by mixing simple, neutral pieces with patterned statement pieces like this living room found on InHouseLand.Blogspot.com.

Animal Print

animal print

Top left: WallCoveringsforLess.BlogSpot.com, Bottom Left: RalphLaurenHome.com, Right: HomedIt.com

This is no surprise.  What would a safari be without the animals?  Whether you want to cover your room in cheetah print or prefer something more understated, these ideas will inspire you.



Whether it's your walls or floors, a little bit of texture brings a whole lot of beauty to your themed design.

Jungle Palette


The most basic part of your safari-inspired room is its color palette.  Combine neutrals with warm colors like dark orange for the perfect effect.

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